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The Magician

Astrological Connection: Mercury

The magician represents our ability to focus our mind on a subject or goal. What you focus on in life is what you get. So the magician is a force we use every day to focus our lives. Since focused thinking is so important in reaching a goal, the proper use of the magician helps us reach any goal we set for ourselves. But the magician does not rule truth, so if we focus our magician on falsehood we get falsehood not truth. Be careful on what you focus on…you might get it!


This is self-conscious awareness or objective mind. This is ordinary waking consciousness of human beings. It is the planning mind, the mind which comes to grips with our daily problems and its basic function is attention. The Key says: "Be alert. Remember that all the power you can direct comes from a higher level. Make it your first concern to relate yourself to that Souce of power. Your place in the scheme of things is to act as a transformer of energy. Force flows through you to whatever you give your full measure of attention.( Case )

Unconscious Magician: Inaccurate thinking, fuzzy headed thought. Negative thinking or worry. Looking at the negative side of things.

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