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Key 10 Audio


The Wheel of Fortune

Astrological Connection: Jupiter

This shows the order and rhythm of nature, the rise and fall of empires and universes, Cosmic ebb and flow, cosmic order, cosmic radiant energy, vision, growth, generosity, abundance, expansion beyond current limits, soul growth, expansion and perfection of our spiritual nature, magnanimity, what we are becoming, "luck", and "fate".

An outstanding meaning of Key 10 is that all manifestation is cyclic. All manifestation rotates. Spring, summer, autumn, winter--something like these seasons may be observed in all human activities. This ordered rhythm is all pervading. It does not change. Go with it, and you succeed. Try to go against it, and you fail.

Every seed has its appropriate planting season. Plant too early, and growth may suffer from winter-kill. Every person has emotional ups and downs. The recurrence of these cycles varies with different people, but a little observation will enable you to determine when the wheel is turning upward of you, or when its motion is on the downward arc. (Case)

Unconscious Wheel of Fortune energy: It can manifest as : being out of touch with one's true path and potentials, things go wrong in the life, lack of order, lack of vision, "bad luck", lack of generosity, not seeing solutions to life problems, lack of spiritual direction.