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Key 11 Audio



The Justice

Astrological Connection: Libra

Inner and outer world balance, cosmic justice, equilbrium in all forms, relationships, partnerships, the mirror of ourselves, the "shadow" the "not I", war and peace, equity, love of beauty, art, culture, poise, impartiality, harmony, bringing opposites together, arbitration, relatedness, lawsuits, law.

This key shows that all things are always in balance. That polar opposites reflect and balance each other. The way to heal a problem is to focus on its opposite.

We weight the meaning of present conditions. We strike a balance by exerting ourselves positively to overcome the negative consequences of past errors. We use the sword of discrimination to eliminate mistaken thought and actions, to separate the wheat from the tares. We overcome evil with good, and we begin in our minds by seeing to it everyday that we sow and cultivate a crop of positive thinking, and carry out our thinking with corresponding action.(Case)

Unconscious Justice energy: The mis-use of law, bias, disagreement between partners, lack of order, lack of harmony, bigotry, excessive severity, projecting our inner fears to the outer world, the "shadow dance" with so-called perceived enemies, the "arms race."