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Key 12 Audio



The The Hanged Man

Astrological Connection: Neptune

Submission to spirituality, compassion, our higher spiritual nature, spiritual realization, self-surrender, sacrifice, reversing our attitude toward life, suspended mind, the pure being, the great well of spirituality vision, realizing our higher nature, purity, prophecy, flashes of illumination, "second sight", the knowledge of the past and the future, mediumistic power, the mystic, the dreamer, the art of film, dance, fantasy

To attain to any degree of illumination, he must turn away from the materialistic concept of life. He must realize that he does not depend on money in the bank, on lands or personal possessions, or on "lucky breaks" of circumstance for his happiness and success. He must train himself to rely on invisible spirit for his sole support. This take assiduous daily practice until the mental attitude becomes subconscious second nature.(Case)

Unconscious Hanged Man energy: Escape into drugs and alcohol, all escapist behavior, aimlessness, drifting, unreal fantasy, weakness of spirit, lack of compassion, lack of love for others, "spaced out", seeks no control, molded by circumstances, "leaf in the wind"