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Astrological Connection: Death

Inevitable change, transformation, passing away of the old to make room for the new, Renewal, the natural transit to the next stage of our lives, freedom from limitation, change of consciousness, sexuality, sexual-spiritual power, Kundalini, dissoultion of outworn forms, manifestation of metaphysical powers, out-of-body experience, psychic ability.

Man fears death because he does not know the meaning of this transformation. "Dissolution is the secret of the Great Work." The dissolution of form is imperative for growth. When forms break down, energy is released to be utilized for further development. The second law of thermo-dynamics of modern physics recognizes the fact that energy is released when previouly established forms of matter break down.

Stone disintegrates to form soil and from soil spings the vegetable kingdome. Animals eat the vegetables and incorporate their essence into a higher type of organization. Man eats both animals and vegetables and builds the chemical energy of their cells into his own body. If he learns the a secret which is available for all who have ears to hear and are willing to work, man does more than this. He liberates himself from the conditions of physical existence, and by so doing becomes master of the energies which build his body.(Case)

Unconscious Death Engery: Fear of death, fear of change, lethargy, inertia, loss of hope, brusqueness, lack of transformation in the life, using others for personal gain, cynicism, sex without love, murderous, brutality, sarcasm.