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Key 14 Audio




Astrological Connection: Temperance

The higher mind, superconsciousness, all philosophies, deep changes within the Self, spiritual progress, putting away selfish motives to attune to the Cosmic Self, strength of spirit, tempering or modifing some previous behavior, the path of the Inner Guide to the Center, Christ consciousness, the teacher who shows love to all beings, wisdome and under- standing, harmony with the Universal Order, application of metaphysical and spiritual law, the path of wisdom, the guardian angel, altruism and the teacher.


By it symbolism, Key 14 tells you plainly that intellectual knowledge about the real YOU and its natural ability for union with source of All, is of no avail unless, day by day in the affairs which claim you attention, you put the truths of existence into reverent and thankful operation. It will help you get in conscious touch with the Holy Guardian Angel. It will show you how to work from your God-center. As a help to your understanding of this read what the Bible says in Exodus 2. There you will find that the first essential is reverence. The second, equal in importance to the first, is thankfullness -- not mere lip-service, but an habitual attitude of mind. The clue to the whole chapter is the name of God. I AM -- all the power that ever was or will be -- Is HERE, Now, work for you and with you to flood your pattern with Devine Substance and to congeal it into the form you desire.(Case)

Unconscious Temperance Engery: Over-theoretical, preachifying, self-indulgent, exaggerating, inability to regulate mind with matter, propaganda, loud mouthed, being off in many directions at once, argumentative, not listening to inner guidance, addictive gambling