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Devil - Old Pan

Astrological Connection: The Devil - Old Pan

The first stage of spiritual unfoldment, learning to deal with the unknown, understading spirit residing within the temporary house of the physical body, the false conception that we are bound to material conditions, feeling and understanding our limitations, that which is hidden from our view, the hidden secrets of our unconscious forces, structure, that which holds everything together and maintains the appearance of separate forms, time, the powers of darkness (not negative), the visible sensory side of existence, the ever-shifting appearance of physical reality, liberation from ignorance, all form, the laws of the universe, civilization.

* NOTE: Old Pan is the most unconscious of all the archetypes at our current stage of evolution.

Unconscious Old Pan Energy
Imprisonment of the mind, mind out of balance, bondage to circumstances, Inhibitors to our freedom, ignorance as the cause of bondage, the obstinacy and And stubbornness of materialism, the mistaken estimate of human powers and Possibilities, over-emphasis on physical sensation, the false light of Misinterpretation, faulty reasoning and observation, miss-use of reproductive power, The debasement sensuality, half knowledge of reality, debasement of human Consciousness, imaginary bondage, dogmatism, the delusion of outward Appearance, falsehood, imperfect understanding of the physical world, our False opinions concerning our place in the scheme of things, materialism As the cause of our worst limitations, the false belief that our self is Dominated by the elements composing our physical environment, craving for power , Paranoia, dictatorial, "power-trips", worshiping position and prestige , Inhibition of emotions, lacking forgiveness, fatalistic, cold demonical, Self-pity, terrorism, anarchy, form without viable content, the illusion of "Separation