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Key 16 Audio




Astrological Connection: Mars

The second stage of spiritual unfoldment, the impermence of physical entities, "tall towers shall fall and mountains crumble," the current ego must be destroyed and duality knocked away so life can begin anew, flashes of clear vision, spiritual comprehension, the destruction of false conception, the transitory nature all things material, a loss or setback in material things, the universal truth that all things shall pass especially those built by man, the "action" in life that geets things done, the destruction of your whole former philosophy, a sudden monmentary glimpse of truth, the breaking dow of ignorance and false reasoning, new consciousness emerging, the fallacy of false philosophy, breaking down old forms, force, power creation, new forms, self-assertiveness, courage, strenght of character, self-confidence, outpourings of energy, cleaseless activity.

This is the power which is active in the disintegration of the old forms of personal consciousness. It rends the veil which hides truth from our eyes. The doctrine that this breaking-down of form is fundamental in the process of the Life-power's self-manifestation deserves most careful consideration

A practical occultist has to learn that he cannot hope to reach any goal he may have set for himself without first breaking down the conditions in which he finds himself when he formulates his desire. In occultism, as in everything else, we cannot have our cake and eat it too. Before we may find release from the chains which bind us, we must learn how to break them

Unconscious Tower Energy
Anger, war, destruction (especially by fire), conflict, unforeseen catastrophies, adversity, deception, ruin, oppression, fitful experiences, holding on to the material as the only concept of reality, violence, accidents, breakage.