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The Emperor

Astrological Connection: Aries

He is the driving force in humanity, the pioneering spirit. He represents action, drive, stability and the control over the world. He is the leader and the hero. He has loyalty to truth and is the union of will and action. He can see new courses of action He is the creative will of the universe; the initiation energy. He is total masculine.

The martial aspect of the Emperor is obvious. Here is a man of war clad in armor. He sits on a cube like the High Priestess, but the stone bears a ram's head, and this, with the same design on his shoulder and the symbol the top of his helmet, relates to the astrological correspondence to Aries, first sign of the zodiac, which is represented in the Hebrew alphabet by the letter Heh. (Aries rules the head and the function of sight).

Classification is one basic meaning of Key 4. The Emperor represents the ordering process of our minds whereby we control the conditions of our environment.(Case)

Unconscious Expression: Aggressiveness, easily angered, war-like, dominating, dictatorial.