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Key 5 Audio



The Hierophant

Astrological Connection: Taurus

This represents the grounding of spiritual intuition. It shows how to listen to messages from the inner worlds and lets one go beyond rational thought and receive inner guidance. This is a representation of the bridge between the earth plane and the infinite nature of humanity. On a physical level it covers the use of food , possession, money, farming and supply in general. It also rules hearing.

The function associated with Vav (letter on the Hierophant) is Hearing. This refers primarily to ordinary physical sensation because hearing is truly the principal link between one human mind and another…(Learning to hear The Voice) …this is voice which speaks where there is none to speak. It is the voice of the One Self and the knowledge and wisdom it imparts have no ting of human fallibility.

The general meaning of Key 5, then is summed up in the word intuition, in the sense of "inside tuiton or interior teaching.." In the symbols of this Key we find all we need to know in order to distinguish genuine intuitions from baseless feelings which echo our own emotional states and give form to our ignorance. (Case).

Unconscious Expression: Greed, materialism, stubbornness, dogmatism, self-indulgence, stinginess, and inability to listen or hear.