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Key 6 Audio



The Lovers

Astrological Connection: Gemini

This Key is associated with discrimination and the use of mind. It shows how logic and truth can unite. All developed thinking processes: precise thinking, perception and mental vision are at work here. The right and left sides of the brain are working together for a higher purpose here.

Superconsciousness (the Angel) sheds its influence impartially upon both self-consciousness (the man) and subconsciousness (the women). These two figures are nude, meaning they hide nothing from each other. This is unlike the average person who is in disguise. His words and face say one thing. His inner thoughts say something very different. He is always "putting on an act," but he himself is the most deluded victim of his pretense.

These two must have no concealments. They must leave one another free to carry out their own particular types of activity. Self-consciousness observes the objective world and gathers accurate data. Subconsciousness acts as the connecting link between self-consciousness and superconsciousness.

Say to your self: "From now on, subconsciousness, you are no longer amenable to suggestions framed by me at the level of my personal self-consciousness, unless those suggestions are confirmed by superconsciousness. You are free from the errors of the misinterpretations I have made in the past." (Case)

Unconscious Expression: Vacillation, negative thinking, cursing and swearing, gossiping, arguing, bickering, lying, stealing, cheating and weak thinking patterns.