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Key 7 Audio



The Chariot

Astrological Connection: Cancer

The charioteer is pictured as a man, but the chariot is a container or a fence that limits and protects as a mother or home does. Key 7 represents Victory because when you realize that the Higher Self is doing everything through you, nothing can stand in your way. It is the result of the mastery of the Keys 1-6 that have gone before. This rider in the chariot is your own true Self.

This key represents the Primal Will, as one is able to see the needs of the whole. It also shows us the mothering, nurturing and nourishing power of God, as Cosmic Mother. We see here the path of understanding, mind over feelings and psychic ability. There is receptivity and the use of memory. This is the union of magic and will. It is keeping the family (and humanity) running smoothly.

The Chariot is is a picture of God as Immanence. God lives inside of you as you. She is not off in some far away heaven. She is at the center of your Self and has the power necessary to accomplish what is needed.

Unconscious Expression: Sickness, weakness, crabbiness, over-conservatism, poor memory, isolationism, insensitivity, over-emotionalism, moodiness and chaos.