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Key 8 Audio




Astrological Connection: Leo

This key shows the healing power of love. We see spiritual power and the control of the Kundalini energy. Here is the result of letting love touch us. This is the result of the union of love and active will. We can use it to dissolve psychic blocks by the use of love, courage and power. From it come honor, authority, optimism, openess, boldness, dignity, acting, performing and self-expression.

Our angel controls (gives voice to) the animal within us with her love. She teaches our lower nature by means of creative imagination and a chain of desire to act in accord with the cosmic will. Our desires create a reaction from the collective unconscious which brings peaceful results.

Unconscious Expression:It can take the form of: seeing only a limited point of view, stubborness, bragging, showing off, lack of compassion and love for other, egotistical, snobbish, self-seeking, childish, prideful.