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Key 9 Audio



The Hermit

Astrological Connection: Virgo

Here we see the supreme attainment, the way shower. Also it can be symbolic of solitude, service, working together with nature. Also it shows a spiritual thirst, the express of ageless wisdom, the light of the world, adeptship, mastery, order, seeing spirit in nature. With this Key one can find health, completion, discrimination, and a virginal state.

Key 9 is the tarot symbol of the perfect state of human consciousness. This is a picture of the Union with the One Self. Here we can realize that we are in a certain sense God's Hands. We are totally free here because we can independently respond to our inner selves. Our personal will is in direct contact with the Larger Will of our True Self.

Unconscious Expression: Unconscious Hermit energy: This can be expressed as: Isolation, not being of service to others, lack of attainment in life, not helping others, selfishness, tunnel vision, complaining, fault finding, critical, see flaws everywhere, fear of disease, hypochondria.