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Unravel the Great Mystery
of Your Life

By John Woodsmall and
Ed Steinbrecher
(Additional Text: Stephen Connors)

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Life*Scan is an advanced astrological analysis that helps you live your full potential. You'll find advice on friendship, love, career, creativity and success. Learn to align yourself with the energies of the planets. Turn struggles into triumphs. Transform tough relationships into opportunities for growth. Know your strengths and talents and live in the flow.

Life*Scan includes an accurate computer-calculated chart, plus over 20 pages of in-depth interpretations. Written in straightforward language, the material helps you understand the significance of each of the planets in the signs and houses of your horoscope. Then it gives you practical suggestions on how to use that knowledge to enhance your daily life. Life*Scan delves deeper than most computer astrology programs. It addresses questions like…

  • Do you have paranormal abilities? Do you feel misunderstood and alienated? If so your chart may contain "Alien" patterns - unique configurations mapped only by Life*Scan. Recognize and understand these patterns to improve your relationships and bring greater meaning to your life.
  • Do you naturally attract people who need help? If so your chart may contain "Protector" patterns. Recognize your gift and empower yourself and others as you help.
  • How have the astrological patterns in your chart shaped the lives of well-known people? Discover the famous and infamous people who share your major patterns.

The accuracy and relevance of Life*Scan interpretations will surprise and delight you. You'll discover the tools you need to make the changes you want to see. Offer yourself the gift of Life*Scan. Then share it with friends and loved ones - even newborn babies. Let Life*Scan chart the mystery of each of your favorite lives.

Life*Scan Options

Derived charts are additional personality charts which come with your Life*Scan! The interpretations you receive are regular Life*Scans but are created to describe in great detail various aspects of your individuality. These charts are derived from your natal chart, and are optional add-ons to the basic Life*Scan.

They are charts of real aspects of yourself as real people you need to get to know. You use these to introduce yourself to parts of your self that are being projected on to people or situations in your experienced world. Since they are derived from your own natal chart they show you that nothing is 'separate' from your own wholeness.

These charts are written in the First person as if you where reading the chart of an another living person. They are not from your perspective. So they give a sense of objectivity to the area covered.

For example:

  • Your ideal lover's personality The overall personality of a person who you tend to create As a lover. This is your chart with your 5th house rising; derived from your natal chart and turned around with your 5th house as the rising sign.
  • The Inner Guide's chart. Very important for a person who wants to do Inner guide meditation, in order to ensure you have the correct Inner Guide.(9th rising)
  • Personality of your ideal Banker; How your money and resources tend to live out in your world.(2nd house rising)
  • Personality of your ideal neighbors or your 1st Brother or Sister. The way your neighbors live out in the world around you.(3rd rising)
  • Your your mother's personality that you experience.(4th house rising)
  • Your ideal healer or Doctor's personality Your personal health worker and co-workers.(6th house rising)
  • Your ideal Partner's personality (your shadow) Your marriage partner/room-mate or other people in general.(7th house rising)
  • Your ideal sex partner's personality The way that your ideal sex partner seems to you.(8th house rising)
  • Your Father or Boss's personality Your boss and the personality of your profession.(10th house rising)
  • Ideal Friends personality How your friends seem to you
  • Your secret friend's or enemy's personality (12th house rising)

Order Your LIFE*SCAN Online for Only $47.00 and receive as many additional derived charts as you wish for $10.00 each. Derived charts are bound, but no cover. You Will Receive Your LIFE*SCAN Analysis by Mail

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