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An astrological reading makes a great birthday present - to yourself or someone else. As the Sun finishes it's yearly cycle on your birthday have a reading to find out what to expect in the year ahead. If the reading is for someone else we'll send you a gift certificate which can be redeemed at any time.

Receive advice on your relationships, career, finances, finding love in your life, expressing your creative potential, family difficulties or any other issues.

Your horoscope describes all the opportunities you face and the talents you have to deal with them. John Woodsmall, an astrologer with thirty five years of experience can answer your questions over the phone.

Readings cost:
$35 - 15 minutes to answer a specific question
$70 - 30 minutes to describe the next 6 months
$140 - 1 hour for an in-depth life reading

Readings are confidential and you will be sent a recorded tape of the reading.

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