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What is Projection?

If someone comes into a room and your heart rate goes up or your hands start to sweat or your face gets red, psychologist would says that you are having a physical project type of
reaction to that person. this is rather extreme but it may be that we have all experienced this before. We can not explain just why we have this type of just happens to us out side of the normal rational mind. What is about that person that sets off this reaction?
We would say that they have the "hooks" that you can put the project on to. Are they really like what you are projecting? It does not matter you are having the reaction and that is what is important to you. They carry something for you that you probably do not know about in yourself. It is your reaction and what  to do about it that matters to you.

An early example from the reaction of well dressed  young business men in San Francisco to the long-haired hippies of the time is very telling. They geered at the hippies and throw food at them. They seemed to hate them.  But why?  It was the freedom that was on display that frighten them and made them angry.  It was their projection on to the hippies that they were fighting in themselves.  Some of the young well dressed men threw away their ties and joined the hippies.

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