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Now Only $350!

The Steinbrecher Astrological Data Collection, the only database acknowledged in The Book of Lists: The 90's Edition, has more than 28,500 Names, Dates, Birthtimes, and Birthplaces of famous, infamous and noteworthy people, including short biographies (if available), death dates, causes and places if known, data sources and other pertinent information. You can add your own new data and information as it becomes available to you. (About 29% of the charts are calculated for NOON when only the date and place are known, which establishes the moon sign.)

Lois M. Rodden and Marion March are greatly appreciated for their ongoing help in collecting, editing and correcting the collection. If you have accurate data in your personal collection to trade one-for-one, please contact us.

  • The complete Steinbrecher Astrological Data Collection on disk in Pathfinder® format
    (NOT available in other software format) — $350
  • Pathfinder Plus (for Windows 95 / 3.x)
    with Hunter/Summary Research programs — $249
  • Pathfinder Plus for DOS (runs on Windows 3.x or DOS only) — $150
  • Up-dates of the Collection are $50 and available yearly

Click for more information on the Pathfinder Astrology Program or to place an order.

$ 5.00 each chart with available biography ($25.00 per dozen charts)
$ 1.75 each per 100 charts with available biography
$ .90 each per 1000 charts with available biography
Copies of Birth Records or memos with birthtimes from birthplaces are $5.00 extra with each hardcopy chart when available. Research of unknown birth data is available. Inquire.

You can choose any of the following options. Each list contains Name, Sun, Moon (if known), Ascendant (if known), Birth date and Profession of each person on list.

  • Cost is $.03 per name for list of individuals by category choice for timed or NOON charts or both.
  • $5 for each search(plus name cost).

Contact Ed Steinbrecher for more information.

  • Selection of charts by Sun, Moon or Ascendant (e.g., all people with Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio, Leo Rising)
  • Day of Birth (e.g., all persons born on your birthday, all years, on Database)
  • Profession - Charts of individuals who are Astrologers, Poets, Baseball Players, Film Directors, Film Producers, Actors, Race Car Drivers, Physicians, Lawyers, Musicians, Astronomers, Biologists, Murderers, Authors, Comedians, Singers, Psychics, etc.
  • Physical characteristics (e.g., all those with blue eyes, where known, or those who are red-headed, left-handed or circumcised, where known)
  • "Alien" Patterns in the horoscope (as described in The Inner Guide Meditation book)
  1. All people with Sun in 5th House on Database
  2. All Actors/Actresses born in Brooklyn on Database
  3. All women with Sun in Aries and Virgo Midheaven
  4. All Black Actors/Actresses on Database
  5. All people with Mercury Retrograde on Database
  6. All people born in 1950 or on March 30 on Database

If you wish to order specific data on disk, please include an additional $2.00 for the order disk to be sent to you for ordering by catalog number. Cost is $ .15 for timed birth charts, $ .075 for NOON charts.

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