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John Woodsmall

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The Seven Jewels
(Series on the Chakras)

  • Finding the Inner Jewels
    90 min
  • The Cleansing Process
    87 min
  • Practical Utilization
    85 min
$10 The Archetypes & Positive/Negative Affirmations
80 min
$10 The Promise of the Horoscope: The Present--How to Make the Best of It
79 min
$10 The Promise of the Horoscope: Future--Possibilities & Outcomes
64 min
$10 How the Mind Works: Morphic Resonance
87 min
$10 Morphic Resonance: Rupert Sheldrake and Memory
87 min
$10 Food, Money and the Venus Energy: Making Desirable Choices
60 min
$10 How to Be Your Own Best Partner: The Secrets of Choices
90 min
$10 How to Increase the Size of God's Channel to You
87 min
$10 How to Find God Through the Stars: What is the Divine Plan?
90 min
$10 How to Manifest Your Life Goals: Knowing and Silence
80 min
$10 Using the Power of Dark Moon & The Positive Feminine
90 min
$10 Virginity & Sacred Sexuality in the Spiritual Community
85 min
$10 How Outer World Events Reflect Your Inner World
86 min
$10 Jupiter in the Horoscope: Luck or Indulgence
88 min
$10 The Eye of the Needle: Pluto's Kiss of Planet Earth
79 min
$10 The Vampire: America's Worship of the God of Death
60 min
$10 Talismans & Magic: What They Are & How to Use Them
60 min
$10 Spiritual Materialism: The Price of Desire
80 min
$10 The Tao - How to Do Non-Doing
80 min

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