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Tarot Studies and Classes

It is taught that the deck was a book, a book in which the Divine Wisdom had noted down the main changes that take place during our journey through life.
But its author, knowing that humanity learned more easily from vice than from virtue, had arranged for this sacred book to be transmitted across the
generations in form of a game. The deck was an invention of the gods.

The Tarot cards are a set of picture symbols of the archetypes. The tarot deck has seventy-eight cards divided into two parts: The Major Arcana or trump twenty-two main images, and the Minor Arcana with fifty-six cards. These cards come to us from the beginning of the dark ages (about 1200 A.D.). They are the precusors
of playing cards. They contain images of the twenty-two universal archetypal forces.

They relate astrologically to the twelve signs of the zodiac, the eight planets (excluding the earth), the Sun and the Moon. We use these pictures to help us experiencethe astrological forces. They are the starting point For the Inner Guide Meditation.

Astro Cybernetics astrology uses astrology and modern tarot together. The planets and the signs have a correspondence with the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each cardhas an astrology meaning and vice versa. On our site you will see cards that represent certain functions of the site. Our understanding of Tarot come from the works of Paul Foster Case and the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.). The B.O.T.A. provides a five-year course in Tarot and Western Esoteric studies.

The works of Edwin Steinbrecher are presented as well. His Inner Guide Meditation has been apart of our professional work for thirty-five years. We offer his book on oursite as well as the Tarot work sheet that is used as apart of an Inner Guide Meditation.

The initiation into the guide is the purpose of the use of astrology in the 1st place as the natal horoscope shows the exact appearance of the inner guide. Astrology isused by a guide meditation initiator to help a client find their inner guide.  Below you will find pictures and information on the twenty-two archetypes.

Tarot cards Pictures:

                                              Key 0

 Key 1     Key 2    Key 3    Key 4    Key 5    Key 6    Key 7

Key 8     Key 9    Key 10   Key 11   Key 12 Key 13   Key 14

Key 15   Key 16   Key 17    Key 18   Key 19   Key 20   Key 21

Tarot History

A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century

by Edwin C. Steinbrecher

Are you looking for a safe, practical, common sense approach to getting in touch with your inner self? Join the ranks of those who have discovered that The Inner Guide Meditation works! A unique transformative process that assimilates the disparate energies in the human consciousness to create a unified wholeness and lead us to enlightenment.

"This book will go down in occult history as one of the most significant contributions in meditation in modern times".
Israel Regardie

"In a synthesizing approach that I find wholly admirable, Mr. Steinbrecher achieves a practical amalgam of Jungian psychology, astrology and the tarot that is certainly worth serious investigation".
Gareth Knight

"A fascinating book...Here is a neat, concise and well thought out system of self-exploration that can bring enormous benefit to anyone who will stick with it."

"While others describe the esoteric plane, Steinbrecher reaches up from the pages and actually takes you to the inner depths of your being."
Richard Nolle

"I experimented with cautious skepticism and was agreeably surprised to find that the technique worked."
British Journal of Analytical Psychology

Tarot Worksheet
(as given in The Inner Guide Meditation)

The Tarot worksheet translates your own natal horoscope into tarot equivalents, which information serves as a map to your inner world. The use of the tarot worksheet is integral to The Inner Guide Meditation.

Your horoscope will need to be calculated using Koch Birthplace House Cusps--not Placidian, Equal House or other systems, and tropical, not sidereal astrology. Please try to obtain the birth data from a birth certificate because parents' memories aren't always accurate as to the exact hour and minute of birth, and horoscopes can often change dramatically in just a few minutes.

Although the instructions for the tarot worksheet are given in The Inner Guide Meditation book, many people prefer to have these calculations done by a professional trained in both Astrology and the Inner Guide Meditation.

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